FIRST INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY (FIRST) is a Marketing agency in Vietnam

Within 15 years of carrying out “top to toe” execution in Marketing industry for all sizes and shapes of Cooperates, we’ve been building and making numerous of media campaign and achieve high ROI for advertising objective.

As we’ve been looking out for a way to provide better service, for the last 3 years we have been investing in Precision Marketing, and First is glad about our success from researching to implementing phrase.

FIRST is confident to say the innovative technologies; which we develop serves in Marketing industry, are affordably effective. In our mind, local employment is better to develop such products which have both the internationally competitive values as well as the insightful accessibility

At FIRST we make rooms for everyone (more than 50 employees) whether it is Creative, Event, Activation, Technology, R&D or Strategy Planning – a group which has the working experience in multi-national environment likewise Singapore, Israel, Germany… with high credit consultancy from professors partner to Top scholars from trusted Academy.

It is our pleasure to fruitfully create distinctive culture results in a cooperative spirit between members, furthermore hands in hands elaborating with customers to form a web of well-run, fresh and leading Marketing movement.

Starting from 2017, we have been making our topknot technologies available to public access, familiarize consumer with new trend of Marketing approaches through: AR Gaming, Interactive Motion Kinect Gaming, Selfie Mirror – Funkymir, CGI Photo Booth – Portable studio, Safety Device for The Underage – Kid Protection, “One Point” Management for report and Full-accessibility of Television Commercial Video – Neural Display, Site mapping for building and shopping malls – Way Finding…